We always wanted to make a Chat app where you can chat without worrying about people noticing you This apps does that

What it does

This app looks like a conventional homepage of your browser, but functions like a hidden chatting platform. We provide you a secret key through which you can access your own private chatroom

How we built it

We use node.js and to build this

Challenges we ran into

We deleted everything many many times, we got stuck in the complexities of dependencies, dockers were a mess of their own

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we learnt a lot during this hackathon, and finished our prototype in time

What we learned

We learnt time management, node.js, yarn, linux, azure, dockers

What's next for Clock Chat

We will improve our backend as well as frontend We will learn more about k8s and implement it in our dockers

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