Our project aims at disrupting the retail industry. Imagine we are changing the way how millions of people buy their clothes, with the support of Zalando.

Thanks to OpenCV we are able to detect different parts of a body and detect the colours of the clothes being worn. This gives us a simple model, which is later checked against Zalando's API and as a result produces recommendations about what the user would potentially buy at a normal store. Using simple layering we are overlapping images of clothes on the picture from the webcam. The only thing that we expect from the user is a camera and a web-browser.

Not only we are allowing to try out new stuff within the home, but also we are providing personalised set of clothes for every user.

In the future we would like to implement use of Microsoft Kinect to create a sense of using real mirror (overlapping of 3d models, which are not available at the moment).

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