I'm an independent musician who wants a platform that makes it easier to promote my music to groups of listeners outside of my social circles.

What it does

Artists link with their soundcloud, and can share their tracks to listeners outside of their social circles. These listeners are in cliques - groups of friends, companions, and music lovers who share the experience of discovering new music as it gets delivered directly from the artists.

How I built it

Objective-C front end communicating with a node.js backend with a mongo db, and twilio implemented to send text notifications. Set up superphone so that the phone number in the app allows for adding anyone who texts it to my contact list, to create and keep a more personal relationship with the fans.

Challenges I ran into

Communicating with the node.js backend proved difficult for a while. Getting all of the front end configured in time was rough, there's still (much) more to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a fully functional app is hard, so I'm proud that Clique has a developed front-end integrated with a backend, is linked to soundcloud, is able to play songs in the artists page and from the Clique's playlists, and has a sharing capability implemented to allow me to populate to listeners outside of my social circles.

What I learned

Hackathons are hard work!

What's next for Clique

I am going to pursue developing the app and a business surrounding the app that expands beyond the mobile application, integrating it into a larger organization. First step is to improve the UI more, integrate more fully with the backend, and fix some bugs :)

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