The project that we call Cliqon Lite Dashboard has three reasons for existing.

Firstly I wanted to find an Open Source Dashboard that could display historical information about Shares downloaded from Yahoo. I could find nothing that could do such a thing where the solution was sufficiently comprehensive and database driven. From the outset I knew that a jQuery Graphics Plugin would be an integral and essential aspect of that project. It allows me to present information about the volatility of the prices of certain shares and gives the user of the dashboard the opportunity to compare and contrast the historical information for different shares in order to make to make informed buying and selling decisions. In addition the charts can display the current division of the invested portfolio and the monthly earnings. Individual customers will be able to program their own charts and reports by whatever means is appropriate to them.

Secondly if there is an opportunity to offer the Dashboard / Portal as an Open Source offering to others, I could not give away components that had been purchased for our main Cliqon web development toolset. Therefore an updated version of our Cliqon Lite toolset has been prepared. Cliqon Lite Version 3 will therefore be published before the Autumn with all the necessary supporting resources such as access to a Git Repository, Support Forum and Documentation. We describe Cliqon and Cliqon Lite as "web development toolsets". Cliqon is Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Symphony, Codeigniter, OPenBravo, Sugar CRM, all rolled into one. It has existed for over ten years and is the basis for a significant number of successful websites.

Thirdly we have started to use the services provided by Zoho on the internet. Their own Dashboard is very poor but their gadgets/widgets are very good. Certainly they could not currently display a "Chart". Indeed, nor could we find any Dashboard (such as Cyfe, iGoogle or Netvibes) that could. Thus we see an opportunity for our Dashboard as a stand alone project.

We looked at several of the Chart display programs (such as Flot and jqPlot) but found Chart.Js as the easiest to implement and integrate with our Dashboard. We have created a PHP OO Class that can present any Chart chart by implementing a simple configuration file (which could be a JSON array held in a database) and calling that from the Class. This Class and all the others that make up the Dashboard will be published with Cliqon Lite later in the year.

Because the Dashboard is a "personal dashboard", it must be protected by a Username and Password. I have created a demonstration instance of the Dashboard at A Visitor should use a username "Guest" and a password "guest". The Dashboard can support multiple pages and the Chart related widgets, appertaining to Shares, are grouped together on the second page which is accessed from the second icon on the left hand sidemenu.

We did not write the Dashboard project to take part in this Challenge but it is fun to be able to make a submission. It is a pleasure to take part and it would be an even greater pleasure to win. However we have much more testing and work in front of us before the latest version of Cliqon Lite plus Portal can be offered to the world.

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