Cliq is inspired by my countless attempts to meet up with colleagues for a spontaneous meeting or lunchchat. Most of time, one will have to let the other know of a location to meet at for google maps or it might even come down to a very confusing over-the-phone conservation of where to go.

What it does

Cliq gets rid of all of these nuisances by letting friends find friends dynamically. Through Cliq, friends can send another friend (or even a party) a request for routing and if accepted, the two will have a route to each other on the map. From there both can meet up halfway or converge on a specified location. Another cool feature of Cliq is the “Tasks” options which allows you to GeoFence a location within the route of you and your friend to specify a task. As an example, let’s say you Cliq with a friend and find out that his location is near a Safeway. Cliq allows you to mark that Safeway and place a short message “Buy me Milk!”. If your friend walks within range of the Safeway, he will receive a notification about the task and can choose to accept or decline it.

How I built it

Cliq was designed and conceived by me and my partners Karl Cempron and Edward Zhang. Developed for Android mobile, we relied heavily on Node.js, Android Studio, and Sinch's instant messaging API.\

Challenges I ran into

Some immediate challenges we ran into were the fact that Karl and I had to develop the work by ourselves for most of the hackathon while other teams were in groups of 3 to 4. Some next challenges were actually getting our core functionalities to work both efficiently and smoothly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to say that my partners and I have come a long way to develop this application. Usually working with a larger group, it was a lot more challenging for us to do the work of 4 people. Though I had to pull the all-nighters, I believe it was all worth it for how our app is turning out

What I learned

I think that the most important thing I learned is that with the right drive, any idea can become a reality. Karl, Edward and I worked really well together and saw eye to eye on the idea. I think it’s essential to have strong cooperation to succeed in these kind of events.

What's next for Cliq

Regardless of the outcomes of this hackathon, Karl, Edward and I will continue developing this application. I’ve collected some data and understood that this app will become a very useful tool for many people. My partner and I want to optimize the various features mentioned and we might even try to include direct messaging. Overall, I think Cliq will grow to become a great social media tool that allows you connect with friends on a very literal level.

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