The savinthebees challenge"Gives a viewer the tools to promote a streamer's content."


A live stream can be long -- at times viewers end up waiting for some action. Our job is to find a way to identify those 'dull' times and allow viewers to view the streamer's other highlight reels/clips overlay and share them via social media if they wish to. Our end goal is to create a seamless Twitch viewing experience, as well as encourage more viewership by getting more exposure to the viewer's social media requiring little effort on the streamers part.

What it does

We collect time series text data from live stream in real time using tmi.js, and calculate the percentage of comments within fixed timeframe. Once it hits below a threshold (35%), we detect a 'dull' activity and trigger an alert asking if you want to view other highlight clips by the broadcaster, and if you do, a menu of the highlight clips which you can view and share via social media while still overlayed on top of the current live stream.

Prospective Developements

Detect moments of hype for auto-clipping, currently inhibited by technical limitations of the Twitch API. Automate book keeping. Build a Configuration Service to change the threshold of hype.

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