We were inspired to create Clippy because as college students who use discord and other discord bots regularly, we wanted to create one that combined all of the features that we wanted together into one study bot.

What it does

Clippy is a discord study bot that has several features that help improve studying, especially with group studying. It tells you words of encouragement when you say that you are unmotivated with keywords like “failed”, “tired”, etc. Clippy has a pomodoro timer that tells you to study for 25 minutes and then to take a break for 5 minutes. It also has google search abilities, where you can easily search google anything from your discord channel and have the summary and links to the first three things that come up. To help on group assignments, everyone in the server can contribute to a group todo list where anyone can do items to the list, take items off when they’re done, and view the current todo list. To help with your math homework, it can also do math! Clippy also has the abilities of a graphing calculator and more using Wolfram Alpha. To keep you company, Clippy can also join the voice channels! Lastly, to help us destress during stressful times of studying, Clippy has a hangman feature, where you can play hangman with Clippy. Also, to spice things up, Clippy reacts to every message with an animal emoji when the react feature is turned on.

How we built it

We used Python to create this discord bot. We mainly used this library to create the bot and used different APIs and libraries like Google Search and the Wolfram Alpha API to add additional functionalities. We then used Heroku to host our bot so it’ll be live on our server 24/7.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into include at first fully understanding the capabilities and structure of Discord, as well as some minor issues with APIs. Overall, this studybot was not too laborious and the process was fairly smooth.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our pomodoro timer and the functionalities of that, as well as the hangman game that is featured. All in all, we think that the features that we have implemented are actually really useful in studying with friends on discord and things that we would actually use.

What we learned

We learned how to make a discord bot, which is something none of us had ever done before, as well as how to implement some APIs we have never made before.

What's next for Clippy

Next we hope to get this bot on other servers so people can still hang with their friends but also keep up with their studies. We would also like to add more features like music playing capabilities, more mini games, and etc to truly become an all-in-one experience for the user.

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