When trying to convert currency, it can sometimes be tedious to remember the number/currency, close your main screen, and open a currency conversion app. The frustrating need to memorize info and switch screens also comes up when wanting to send an email/call a phone number that your phone doesn't hyperlink.

What it does

ClipBuddy is an app that runs as a background service, only requiring you to start it up once. When a currency is copied to the clipboard, conversions to other popular currencies will appear from a chat head, as well as interactive graphs of conversion histories. The app also offers users the ability to call, text or add a clipped phone number to your contacts with one touch, as well as the ability to email or add a clipped email address to your contacts, should they be detected.

How we built it

The app was built in Android Studio using Java, with the currency conversion being powered by the API.

Challenges we ran into

The API itself was difficult to integrate into our app. We ended up having to manually import a bunch of Apache dependencies (but excluding a specific one) to get it to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The wide variety of practical day-to-day use cases that the app covers
  • The dynamic and intuitive UI, and the fact that it can run as a background service making for a more satisfying UX
  • Building a complete, functional application within the span of the hackathon!

What we learned

Some members of our group learned a lot about integrating APIs and API calls with Android and tinkered with new UI aspects, whereas other less experienced members familiarized themselves more with Android Studio and how the Android operating system works.

What's next for Clip Buddy

Refining existing functionalities:

  • additional choices of currency conversion (meaning we'll probably have to transition from buttons to a spinner)
  • improving the currency history graph
  • validating that a highlighted email address actually exists

as well as adding additional functionalities

  • support for addresses, maybe passing it to Google maps
  • support for more than one clipBuddy element in one clip (for example, a phone number and an email in the same clip)

And finally, publishing to the Google Play store.

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