We were inspired by all the cool project being built and the Web3 tech. We were also inspired by some of our favorite streamers.

What it does

Clint allows streamer to share there epic moments on stream by minting a 30 second clip as a NFT for the viewers to own via the Rarible Protocol

How we built it

Clint was built on top of Flask running on a AWS EC2 instance. Clint utilizes React for the front end and Python and Nodejs for the backend. Client uses twitch APIs to clip the stream, and MetaMask to sign transactions.

Challenges we ran into

Both developers have experience in a multitude of projects, but neither a had ever built a Web 3 app or done any blockchain development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think the security of our app has really evolved. We started out needing to hard code API keys, secrets, and private keys. We then integrated with OAuth scopes and MetaMask to make Clint more secure.

What we learned

From this project we have learned to really appreciate smart contracts and the people pushing this tech forward.

What's next for Clint

Next we would like for move Clint form MVP to a polished project. Add integrations with YouTube and the ability to set royalties via the Clint dashboard. Then get streamers beta testing.

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