At CliniOps, we are addressing some of these pressing problems of the clinical trial industry, which contribute to the high costs of drug development. We are specifically addressing data collection, quality and compliance. At CliniOps, we have developed a proprietary tablet-based electronic data capture (EDC) system, CliniTrial, to optimize the data management process of the clinical trial workflow, through our patent-pending technology. We have introduced multiple innovations and integrations leading to a fully automated clinical trial workflow, that will help reduce cost and increase efficiency of clinical trials. Our solution also allows for the seamless capture and processing of subject data from various study sites around the world, that is both trusted and secured, leading to increased protocol adherence and regulatory compliance. Our 21 CFR11 and HIPPA compliant solution provides the clinical trial industry with a much more rigorous and efficient end-to-end data management process. Our tablet based EDC system eliminates dependency on internet, thereby substantially reducing the need to manually collect data on paper, which in turn minimizes the number of queries generated as well as the SDV, and monitoring costs. Data is available to the investigators for analysis along with complete audit trail information, as soon as it is synced.

Moreover, we empower subjects with online access and improve patient engagement. Our EDC system not only streamlines the data collection procedure and enables collection of high quality data, but also reduces monitoring costs substantially, thereby reducing total cost of clinical trial.

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