A mobile application for the iOS 7 platform.

Clinico provides two functions:

  1. A Portal for Interested Volunteers
  2. Although a universal system is not yet put in place, I believe that gong forward, this will be the norm in the future.

  3. Patient-Friendly Information

Clinico is meant for two audiences: volunteers interested in participating in clinical trials/research studies, and patients already participating in one.

When first starting up Clinico, users enter in some information about themselves like their age, gender, ethnicity, genetic mutation type, biomarker(s) and whether or not they are healthy. This serves as a common criteria checkpoint to quickly check whether they are eligible for a research study.

The first screen users are presented with is the dashboard. If they are not currently participating in a study, they can switch to the Studies tab where they can browse recruiting, relevant studies. If they are currently participating in a study, important information regarding the study is displayed to them. This includes the study's title, the status and a visual timeline. They can also quickly contact their physician/investigator and view information regarding the study.

When viewing information regarding the study, the often difficult to digest information is organized into 5 sections.

  1. Summary: this section includes information like: the brief title, brief summary, disease condition, study type, study phase, overall recruitment status, and timeline.

  2. Eligibility: referencing their user profile and information they had previously entered, a quick check against the common criteria (gender, age, ethnicity, genetic mutation type, biomarker(s)) will instantly tell them if they may or may not be eligible. If this check is passed, they must read through all items in the Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria and check each item to proceed.

  3. How Will It Affect Me?: this section includes information like: the risks and benefits of the study, study logistics and post study plans.

  4. Study Design: this section contains the bulk of the study's information. It includes elements like: arms and groups, interventions, timeline and schedule of events, and outcome measures.

  5. Contact: this section contains sponsor, central contact, and site location information.

Under the assumption that this idea has been implemented, once a user has successfully completed the screening process and entered into the study, Clinico will update to reflect that they have been accepted and will display their current status and stage of the study they are currently in.

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