CliniClarify is a hub for both doctor and patient to upload valuable medical data throughout the years. Patient interaction with doctors is limited after their appointment and patients don't usually have access to their own health data. Having a central hub for this data means it can be easily accessible, easily transferable to different doctors and creates a more involved environment for both the patient and doctor.

Current Function: Patient has an account to which he/she can view+upload files/data and give access of their profile to health providers. Health providers that have been given access can view+upload files/data to the patient's account which can then be viewed by the patient.

Whats Next for CliniClarify: Trends in data are not usually analyzed by doctors today and only your current data are looked over because medicine is viewed as static in one time point during an appointment but we hope that in the future, patients can use CliniClarify to analyze trends over the years. For example, a patient's cholesterol levels could be normal over 5 years but could be increasing or decreasing at an alarming rate. Usually, doctor's only look at your current cholesterol level and if it is at normal, nothing is done. CliniClarify analyzes your medical data throughout the years and notifies the patient if levels are changing too fast based on age and normal rates. Some examples of data that can be uploaded are blood test reports, x-rays, EKG's and immunizations.

How We Build It: We built he website using the django webframework, hosted it on Google Cloud, and bought the domain name for it. We created the frontend UI pages using HTML CSS Bootstrap.

Challenges: Our biggest challenge is that we lost some team members throughout the hackathon to fatigue. We had to recruit people on the spot and create another cohesive unit. Sleep was also a big challenge because we had to get enough sleep but also finish the project.

What We Learned: One day is not enough to build a nice project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We managed to come together as a team and finish our individual parts through perseverance.

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