1) What Is Our Aim?

-To help doctors treat patients better by providing them with real-time trends of vital signs.

-To help doctors by informing them of any abnormal body conditions.

-Help doctors by reminding them of scheduled visits to patients for check-up and diagnosis.

-Predict readmission probability of patient after discharge for better future treatment and planning.

-Get Statistics about any epidemic disease by analysis data from various patients.

2) Why Are We Doing it?

-India has 1 million doctors to treat its 1.3 billion population.

-An urgent need to automate real-time diagnosis and alarm the doctor for any abnormal situation to prevent deaths.

-A majority of doctors do not attend patients regularly as per schedule either due intentionally or due to a clash of appointments.

-Lack of inference or prediction technologies to improve treatment and diagnosis using a central repository of patient data logs.

3) WorkFlow Plan

-Create a Web Application for Registering Doctors and Patients information.

-IOT enabled sensors will stream real-time time series data of vital body signs in the database.

-Create a Dashboard for Showing Trends ( As Graphs ) of various body signs.

-Send Notifications to doctors for any abnormal body the condition of a patient and for any missed visits which were scheduled ( using RFID sensors ) by emails/SMS

-Use RNN(Recursive Neural Network) for predicting patient’s readmission probability.

-Generate a graph for disease count in a particular city using data from various patients.

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