Clinical Match will run through large volume of medical records/EHR and other data to find people with rare diseases and connect them to the clinical researcher and investigators who are looking to study the rare disease for treatment or cure.

We met during the IBM Watson Hackathon.

We had several challenges.

  • First was in getting medical records. Because of HIPAA and other privacy laws it is very hard to get general medical medical records.
  • Another challenge was figuring out the right tool to use after testing out with different ones we ended up using Alchemy with the help of IBM Alchemy team.
  • Lastly, a challenge was keeping others interested and involved, we started as a 5 member team now only 2.

We are proud of getting here, learning new things and staying to the plan and accomplishing a real usable tool that can save time and help people.

We learned more about IBM Watson world especially Bluemix and Alchemy. Also learned about working as a team and staying focused can result in success

ClinicalMatch will pilot this with Georgia Tech, will make edits and revisions if needed. Then, if successful we will offer it for free for other researchers. This can be used in other areas such as drug research and general diseases. With the new EHR's and patients ability to choose to share their electronic information for research and US Govt's Project Blue Button also offering the same for Medicare and VA patients there are many new places this can be used. If there is a market for it then a V2 will be released that can be purchased

Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute

ACTSI PubMed Publications Search

ClinicalMatch used data from the PubMed Publication Search application, developed by the Tracking and Evaluation program of the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute (ACTSI) NIH grant number UL1 TR000454.

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