We attempted this project as after talking to various mentors and healthcare professionals we came to know about all the gaps in the current system and a better solution could work out to creating a real impact. This is a web portal that is supposed to match patients with clinical studies for which they can be the right candidate. It also provides scholars and researchers a platform to generate awareness about their studies. We used asp.net and C# to create a web application and then used azure cloud to connect it with SQL-server database and publish it. We ran into one or two challenges such as unavailability of a data-set, making our understanding of the current medical process. Accomplishments that we're proud of is being able to create a prototype within a time limit. We learned a lot of new technologies and a lot of insights how medical processes work currently. Clinical-UMPC could be made into a global portal, pre-screening could be improved further and data mining, AI can take it to a long way in future

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