Clinical Trials Aide is a mobile app designed to support patients participating in clinical trials by managing trial information and activities.

Clinical Trials Aide:

Provides general information about clinical trials - what they are, who conducts them and why, and things to consider when volunteering for a trial

Helps identify and locate specific clinical trials of interest

Provides detail about eligibility and trial processes

Supports tracking and managing multiple trials at one time

Manages activities at the individual trial level

Tracks medication administration

Tracks patient comments and observations

Facilitates communication with trial contacts via phone, email, and text message

Helps schedule trial-related appointments and medication alarms

Provides directions to trial locations

Clinical Trials Aide increases engagement and value for patients by serving as a convenient clinical trials information source and information manager. It automates and simplifies some of the more tedious responsibilities and it integrates well with existing tools like your electronic calendar and contacts list. It also helps keep patients engaged by presenting new trial opportunities through the location-aware search function. Clinical Trials Aide is simple to use, but is surprisingly complete.

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