We took the challenge from AF Group and decided to help the world!

What it does

This app can provide our customers with information regarding the nearest MPN clinic and/or urgent care, as well as provide the option to have phone numbers and directions of the clinic.

For example, a policyholder could ask the digital assistant something like, “Find me a clinic?” and the assistant would direct them to their pre-set clinic or, if no clinic has yet been set, suggest 2-3 clinics nearby and provide the option have contact info and directions. The assistant would first direct users to request emergency care from 911 before discussing routine options.

This would give customers 24/7 access to MPN medical provider information, enhancing the customer experience.

How we built it

Android Client - Java

Backend - Azure Bot Framework C#

Machine Learning + AI - Azure LUIS Natural Language Processing

Data Processing Script - Python

Challenges we ran into

-Learning how to use Microsoft Azure and its natural language processing, a platform and technology none of us were familiar with before. -Communicating with the bot from the client side. -Getting credentials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Learning about new technologies. -Having a goal and being able to achieve it as a team. -Taking the opportunity to demo.

What we learned

-Azure. -Natural language processing and bot building principles. -Working as a team. -User experience enhancement.

What's next for Clinic Finder Chatbot

-Expanding it to other categories. -More accurate language processing. -Better UI interactions. -iOS platform. -Fast data retrieval

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