CLINFORM.ed is a simplified patient-focused mHealth app that facilitates the sharing of clinical trial information between researchers, physicians and patients.

The patient app consists of 2 parts- in Part 1 of the app, the patient learns about the clinical trial and makes an informed decision about participating in the trial. In Part 2 of the app, the patient participates and monitors results. After signing the ICD and approval by Study Staff, the patient can access a personalized dashboard to keep track of upcoming visits and medication, and also access results when they are available.

There are two more components that complete the CLINFORM.ed experience:

  1. Researchers install the researcher plug-in which integrates with clinical trial management software to send timely notifications to Physicians about different trials.
  2. Physicians install the physician plug-in which integrates with the facility e-Health system to access patient data and add a clinical trial to the patient file. The plug-in also facilitates communication between the Physician and Study Doctor.

Please view the interactive prototype at: to see all the required fields and sections

Please also download the PDF for high resolution images and text.

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