On an average, it takes atleast 12yrs for a drug to be approved and not all clinical trials will be successful. Huge costs and lot of time is expended in this process. What if we have a cost efficient and predictive way to conduct a clinical trial.

What it does

Clinalytica solutions empower clinical research organizations & pharma companies to gather the trial data and predict the study success in real time thereby reducing the costs incurred as well.

How did we built it

We have built an Ipad app to capture the data and the processed data will be analyzed for further consumption on the data analytics dashboards for our end users

Challenges we ran into

Each study needs different data and the clinical research forms (CRF) built on the Ipad app are specific to a study for a customer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In a short period, we have made tremendous progress in developing an Ipad app with forms and analytics dashboard for clinical studies using real data available thru FDA.

What we learned

The data is huge and we are in the process of building large scale hadoop environment for data munging, preprocessing and exploratory analysis.

What's next for Clinalytica

We want to expand the features of the ipad app and build the big data framework on a secure environment and start direct communication with our customers.

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