Suzanne's passion for climbing inspired the idea of using technology to relay commands between the climber and belayer when they are out of sight and hearing range. The result is a proof of concept to see how the Intel Edison can be used for device to device communication. Both the compact size and computing power are suitable for the exploration of wearables that have multiple functions and complex communication between them.

The target user would be climbers that need a complete suite of features that makes their trek more safe and fun for everyone. High in the mountains communication can be difficult, and both weather conditions as well as distance, body position and acoustics can affect the communication of the group. With an intelligent wearable we aim to provide climbers with wireless conectivity between the group members so communication among the group can be fast and efficient. The product could also be potentially used to gather data from the trip as well as take pictures and video for fun.

The key features we are most proud of are:

*Use of wireless communication to send messages that use both vibration and light to capture the climber's attention and to transmit simple and fast messages.

*Use of flex sensors to control a servomotor that allows the user to move their camera (e.g. GoPro) to take awesome pictures and/or photos while they have their arms busy climbing.

*We used the Intel Edison for this task, which is a very new and exciting board. It is a very powerfu and interesting board,l and it was personally a very interesting challenge!

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