I was inspired to build this project after seeing so many flat charts regarding the concerning impacts of climate change; I felt as if the average person lacks an interactive, accessible tool that can show the current state of our planet with respect to climate change.

What it does

The app displays a live, interactive view of the planet’s current temperature levels.

How we built it

The app uses various technologies, such as ARKit and RealityKit, in order to deliver the experience. The global temperature data is provided through Climate Reanalayzer and NOAA, which requires ClimaVisual to fetch the latest satellite data in order to provide the most up-to-date experience.

Challenges we ran into

As this was my first time making an AR app, I was challenged in a few places along the development process. Most notably, I struggled to convert a downloaded image into a texture for the globe, and then animate the globe due to my unconventional approach of modifying the globe’s texture using the latest NOAA data in code, rather than having a premade 3D model file.

This approach also made the rotation of the globe more difficult, since it again did not obey convention due to the aforementioned reason.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud to have made my first app using AR 🎉 Learning more about how to make apps in AR is the one of the best accomplishments of developing this app. I’m also happy to have created a tool which can help remind the world about the urgency of the climate crisis in a unique and interactive way.

What I learned

I learned how to interface with the RealityKit and ARKit APIs, how to modify 3D objects in code, and how to programmatically animate those objects. In general, learned a lot about developing AR apps for IOS.

What's next for ClimaVisual

I believe that ClimaVisual can have great potential as an application based on Apple’s future mixed reality system, which is reportedly in the prototype stage as of the time of writing. With such technology, people can use ClimaVisual more naturally than on a mobile device. For example, the Earth model could be placed at the entrance to an office building, where all the employees who wear a mixed reality device can view the map as they walk in and out of the building, serving as a reminder to take good care of our fragile planet.

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