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What it does

This web app tracks your carbon footprint using the amount of miles you drive. You can see the history of how much your carbon footprint has changed while comparing it to your friends.

How we built it

We used seperated front end and backend while using mapquest API to track how many miles you traveled. This is then funneled into the front end where we display it using D3.js graphs.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled with which API to use. We searched a while for a functioning API to calculate distance. We struggled also with having a responsive design and an fluent animation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Authentication, Data visualization using D3.js, front end design.

What we learned

using D3.js with react hooks, building a CRUD API, advanced bootstrap/css

What's next for Climater

expand to not only track car distance but electricity used at home. This will help you better understand how big your carbon footprint really is.

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