The worldwide and campus climate marches were yesterday, so I was thinking about climate change. I didn't know much about natural disasters otherwise but I'm very into politics so I chose to do this project.

What it does

It lets users enter their contact information and then finds out who their senators and representative are. It then gives them scores for how environmentally friendly their voting record has been, and gives them contact information so that they can call their representatives in Congress.

How I built it

Its a Django app written in Python. I used the Google Civics API to find congressional districts from addresses, and found environmental scorecard scores compiled by the League of Conservation Voters. I combined the two datasets and built a Bootstrap and JQuery website to display.

Challenges I ran into

Reconciling the two data sets. There were some inconsistencies for how the data was formatted which made it difficult in some cases to connect the Google Civics API data with the League of Conservation Voters data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was a fun project. I had other commitments Friday night and did the whole project Saturday, and I was proud of how much I was able to get done in a day by myself. I had worked with Django before so I was pretty comfortable getting up and running quickly, and could spend time finding and figuring out how to use APIs.

What I learned

I got better at searching the internet to find appropriate APIs to do a somewhat niche thing. I explored using a few others before I settled on my final choice.

What's next for ClimatEngage

Its essentially working so if I wanted to I could clean it up and publish it if I wanted to.

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