What is Climately about?

Climately is a web application geared to resolve the gaps in public knowledge and common misconceptions regarding climate change. It consists of interactive learning modules, animated illustrations, updates on environmental news, and resources that encourage users to actively participate in our mission. Climately is easily-accessible, aesthetic, and suitable for all ages.


Our team was inspired to create Climately as the problem of global warming and climate change is growing, yet people are not aware of its effects and how they will also be affected. However, people are open to learning about climate change. Climately was made to educate and to make people aware of climate change and global warning. It was also made to encourage and empower people to use their time for a greater cause by volunteerism in environment-related events and organizations.

How It was Built

Climately was built using HTML, CSS, and ReactJS Framework

Challenges Faced

All of our team members decided to use ReactJS Framework, even though we have little to no knowledge of it (although we have a programming background). We have spent the first part of the hackathon by quickly studying ReactJS and also getting used to its syntax. It was hard at first, but as we get used to the syntax, it becomes easier.

What's next for Climately

We are planning to add more functionality to the buttons and also include a working graph that shows the information on how climate change had affected the US.

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