There are many social-economical problems in the world that result from the various environmental problems that arise around the world. Making an app that raises awareness of how our actions will affect the environment is a crucial action in improving the situation with climate change and its social problems.

What it does

Users can post their own photos, and other people can like them, and the most trending photo or video will display as the top "Most Trending" photo so more people will be exposed to whatever is important regarding environmental issues that affect climate change.


  • Submission Form
  • Likes
  • Share
  • Comment
  • Up/Down vote
  • Report
  • Top Trending
  • Favorite/Save
  • Cross-compatibility across all platforms

How I built it

Our team used meteor.js to create an app using react as a sub-framework to make components that goes inside of the whole project. After we configured the project correctly, and routing was working correctly, we made individual components that were styled with Google's Material Design and the material-ui package.

Challenges I ran into

Our team has never worked with meteor.js or react prior to this hackathon, so we had a LOT of trouble trying to route the components to the main layout of the page. Mainly build and configuration issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned the most advanced front-end framework in 24 hours, and applied this knowledge to create a photo-sharing social media application.

What I learned

We learned to create and configure projects in meteor.js, and currently have a relatively good understanding of how to use the react.js framework to create components for an application.

What's next for ClimateGram

UX/UI A/B testing (User Feedback) Configuring a AWS cloud server for the data Share in other social media options (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, etc.)

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