One of my interests is science-based worldbuilding, a big part of being creating plausible geographies based on real science. I decided to adapt my interest in the area towards real-world climate sciences.

What it does

This is an AI that takes in rainfall, temperature, and altitude data for a certain region, and trains it against satellite color data of said region to project what an area would look like from space given arbitrary rainfall/temperature/altitude data.

How we built it

I used Python Tensorflow Keras to create a triple-input convolutional neural network, taking in greyscale GeoTIFF files, and matching them against a RGB PNG output. Data was sourced from WorldClim, ETOPO1, and NASA Blue Marble.

Challenges we ran into

I initially planned on working with a partner, but that ended up producing nothing for the better part of the first day due to timezone differences.

What's next for ClimateCNN

Actually finish it lmao

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