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What's next for Climatechangeisrealandcausedbyhumans

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The Australia fires (caused by climate change!!!) could destroy the world. It may already be too late to fix the climate change issue.

Video on how climate change causes Australia fires

Climate chage is a monster that makes fires

Humans are harming the environment

We always get told about the small ways to save the environment while failing to recognize the big polluters. We're told to conserve in ways that will barely make a difference while corporations are dumping or burning toxic chemicals into our environment.

Why we must challenge corporations

Climate change is a major cause to these fires.

A visual guide to the Australia fires

What is really causing the Australia bushfires?

A message to all climate change deniers: Climate change is real, and it is caused by humans.

NASA has proof that climate change exists

9 ways we know that humans triggered climate change

2018 was a year of climate change evidence

Study shows that global warming will cause an increase in crop killing insects

The glaciers are growing, but only temporarily.

Do you admit that climate change is real and caused by humans?

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