Our world is coming to a very dangerous point where, if we don't do something soon, our future will be a grim one.

There are a lot of climate databases and resources out in the world already, but they can be complicating and, oftentimes, overwhelming. We wanted to build a simple resource that people could use to both find information about climate change and what they can do in their lives to help in this ongoing battle.

We built our website using a combination of Angular and Semantic Ui, both of which work off of HTML, typescript, and CSS. In order to promote collaboration, we used atom in combination with GitHub so we could easily share code between us.

Along the way, we hit a few roadblocks. The first one we encountered was with Semantic UI because, at first, it wasn't loading properly. We solved this by deleting and rebuilding our project. Our next roadblock was with our navigation. Due to our website being primarily on one page, we had to rely on javascript to control the scrolling down to the correct section. In the end, we did not have enough time to buff out this feature, but we plan on fixing it for the future.

Going into this hackathon neither of us had much or any website building experience, so we are very proud of what we were able to accomplish both functionally and aesthetically.

We learned/strengthened our understanding of angular and semantic. We were also able to greatly improve our ability to use HTML, typescript, and CSS.

For the future of Climate Fight, we, of course, want to buff out all of our bugs, but on top of that, we hope to add live statistics and a map of where climate change is affecting people the most.

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