We were inspired to have a more interactive way to gather environmental news/data and display all of this information in one convenient spot.

What it does

Allows users to select/search latest environmental news/data for their desired country of choice. We have provided the user with an interactive map, search bar, news panel, and a country environmental measures panel.

How we built it

-MongoDB: a distributed, document-based NoSQL database system. -MongoDB Atlas: a cloud database service used to deploy and operate MongoDB databases. -Express: a backend API and web application framework for Node.js -React: a JavaScript library for building user interfaces -Node: a backend runtime environment that executes JavaScript outside a web browser. -Heroku: a cloud application platform.

Challenges we ran into

-Not fully understanding all the limitations of React -Forgetting how to Javascript -API Limitations -Difficulty of getting the application to work on mobile devices

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Interactive globe with selectable countries -Searched news articles based on country and displayed articles on a news panel (using NewsAPI) -Displayed country environment data on Environmental Stats panel -Made the application semi-responsive

What we learned

As a group we got a better understanding on how website development is done in a group, and also understanding that it is great to leverage everyone's specialties when trying to figure out a solution.

What's next for Climate News

Hopefully, we will be able to create a much more fluid UX/UI experience and display more data in a more meaningful way through other visuals such as a graph or chart.

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