Before starting the hackathon, I knew only superficially about climate change.

I began to search for more information, but the standard methods of research seemed boring to me and did not cause a desire to continue.

I realised that the issue of climate change is a vast and serious topic and that it will be difficult to get ordinary people in the fight against climate change with scattered information on the Internet.

So I came up with the idea to create an interesting way of learning and developing the desire to join the common cause. I saw the creation of an educational and interactive game about climate change as an ideal option.

Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein

Games are a fun but serious way of helping humanity tackle the complexities, volatilities and uncertainties.

Five reasons for using games in learning and dialogue:

  • They encourage active learning and active engagement in dialogues.
  • Games allow you to simplify complex systems. 
  • In games, you have to take decisions and receive feedback on the result of that decision.
  • Games provide opportunity for reflection, discovery, exploration and challenge.
  • And they are fun! Considering that emotions matter in learning – this is also a serious goal.

What it does

The created product is an educational and interactive game that is dedicated to the issue of climate change.

In the game, you play as an entrepreneur who decides to focus his efforts on creating projects that can improve the state of the climate.

You have to learn new skills, make meaningful decisions and launch cool projects.

At each stage you will learn something new about the climate change, problems, solutions and in the end you will find out how cool you are and get your rank.

How I built it

First there was a research phase, I looked through a bunch of climate change information, collected useful information and ideas.

Then I made sketches of what will be the plot, gameplay and decided how to fit all the collected information into one game.

The next step was to choose the tools to achieve the result I wanted. After analysing the existing solutions for creating games with similar gameplay, I realised that their functionality does not fully suit me. And I set about developing my own improved engine.

After the engine was finished, I set about filling content to the game and working out the plot.

In the end, I took care of the testing, bug fix and finishing the ideas that appeared in the process.

Challenges I ran into

  • Due to the inconsistency of existing game engines, it became necessary to develop my own.
  • Creating a gameplay that, on the one hand, is interesting and at the same time gives knowledge.
  • Inventing a game plot, selecting suitable content.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I solved the problem that I set for myself. I have developed an educational and interactive game that will help raise people's awareness of climate change. And of course, during the development process, I increased the level of my knowledge on the issue of climate change.

What I learned

  • developer tools and API.
  • Actual information about climate change, problems, solutions, etc.
  • Development of educational games.

What's next for Climate Hero

  • Improvement of the storyline and texts.
  • Adding more exciting projects and skills to explore.
  • Addition of leaderboards, too see other people results.

Future Vision:

  • Development of the visual interface for the engine.
  • Adding the ability for everyone to create their own educational, interactive, informative games and programs based on engine with visual interface.
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