Imagine the world three generations from now. What our descendants inherit is our responsibility. With Climate Futures you can support vulnerable populations, reduce suffering and honor climate resilience for better futures around the planet.

Climate Futures is taking aim at the root causes of environmental harm. In our BSIC micro-project example we are proposing Indigenous knowledge and customary law can protect wilderness and wildlife, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to defend every species right to clean air, safe water, and a healthy planet. We strategically are taking on this precedent-setting blockchain project that has the potential to provide new ‘social contracts’ for Indigenous natural capital stewardship and payments for these services.

What it does:

View our Climate Futures audio slidedeck.

Or download it from Google Drive.

View also our Climate Futures document and micro-project website at

How we built it:

On the ground as a micro- project doing wolf conservation work at onboarding digital assets for conservation from the landscape to incentivize blockchain donations between donors and Indigenous providers. The plan is to accept cryptocurrency donations on the donations page of and integrate these payments as part of other available payment methods on the website. The donor is incentivized to donate by having access to a dashboard to track information about the species and environment they have sponsored. This way they can track their donation and how it is being spent. The system is transparent and blockchain helps us in this.

Challenges we ran into:

Programming the blockchain capabilities and technical details within the BSIC hackathon timeframe.


We're proud of working with team and mentors with enthusiasm and plans to make Climate Futures a scalable reality.

What we learned

- that its possible.

What's next for Climate Futures

Blockchain technology can be a catalyst for transformation for both species at risk and Indigenous peoples on their traditional territories as it expands their scope of adaptation and identity. We'll continue working on the development of the Climate Futures Blockchain to provide new ‘social contracts’ for Indigenous natural capital stewardship and payments for these services as our first micro-project story.

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