Our team is made of diverse and passionate youth and most of our team are first-time hackers. We were inspired by our team members' skills and abilities even though this was completely new for most of us. We were also inspired by our amazing mentors Lily Yumagulova and Eimear Manning. The energy they dedicated to us during our sessions was incredible. Lily, in particular, inspired us to combine all of our ideas into one concrete solution.

What it does

According to UNFCCC, youth make up 15.5% (1.21b) of the population. To solve climate change, youth is a force not-to-be ignored. Climate Connection is a website that empowers, supports, and inspires youth to become climate leaders in their communities. Using the website, young people can discover their own turning points in fighting climate change. The pandemic has shown that people need to be more connected with each other and have a sense of community. Our solution is driven by its impact on creating meaningful connections and lowering eco-anxiety. To solve climate change, we need to involve everyone. To carry out our solution, we will partner with local organizations such as Prepare Our Home that provides indigenous resilience knowledge, and our funding comes from government youth grants and sponsors such as TD Bank, etc. We need a solution to accelerate the transformation of youth into climate heroes in their local communities. Climate Connection does this as a digital programme that inspires, supports, and empowers disadvantaged and marginalized youth to tackle climate change.

How we built it

Our website was built using Weebly.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to put the different solutions we came up with together in a coherent and cohesive way that fits everyone's vision. We also had limitations in developing the website since the available service was a free version. We also experienced some technical difficulties when creating the finalized video.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a solution that everyone's incredibly passionate about and proud of. Being able to communicate our visions for the solution and merging our visions into one through Zoom communication was a challenge but also very rewarding. We are also extremely happy that we have all accomplished our first hackathon (except Shwetha who has done one before).

What we learned

We learned that the best solutions are the most personal ones. Our inspiration drew from within and each other. We spoke about our own personal #myturningpoint during one of our meetings and through this, we discovered that this could be a great way for others to share their environmental stories as well. Being a tight-knit team allowed us to push through the weekend and accomplish this solution. We learned that being kind and connecting with each other is the most important thing above all.

What's next for Climate Connection

We plan to continue working on the prototype while exploring partnerships with local nonprofit organizations as the next step. Lily told us that she would be willing to help us connect with potential funding sources and help us further develop our project. We hope to launch the solution with a community as a trial.

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