Inspiration & what is does

We developed this project for the CDP Hackathon #2 to solve one of two distinct climate challenges.
In order to identify opportunities for City-Corporations collaboration, we looked into how cities and companies responses to CDP 2019 report align or diverge.

The Climate Collab Index is a measure (on a scale from 0-100) that indicates the strength of alignment of climate-related goals between a corporation and city. It incorporates:

  • Alignment on targets, priorities and progress based on objective (multiple-choice) CDP questions in topics
    • We focused Renewable Energy Strategy
    • This can be extended to other topics like transportation, waste management, etc.
  • Shared sentiment based on free-text CDP questions
  • Close geographical proximity

How we built it

Refer to our slide deck where we layout the methodology we followed for this project.
We used collaborative tools (python on Google Colab and Jupyter notebooks, Google sheets, Excel, Tableau).
You can consult our Tableau Public dashboards at the following links:

Challenges we ran into

We had decided to scope and bound our analysis from the start. Focusing on the US and 2019. The geographical information about the companies where incomplete and could disqualify a big amount of entries. Therefore, we used Google Maps APIs to be able to gather companies HQs cities, countries etc.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

This was our first hackathon together 🙌

What we have learned

🔧 We have built a LDA topic model using free-form text
🌍 We have used Google Maps APIs
🤓 We have worked with the Google Colab platform for scripts and codes sharing
💡 We relied on the power of working in teams, bringing diverse perspectives to the table

What's next for Climate Collab Index

We were very ambitious for this project and tons of ideas could not be implemented during the hackathon time frame. We can scale this approach to other sustainability goals and topics cities and businesses can collaborate on (e.g. circular economy, waste management, clean transportation, energy efficiency, low-carbon energy etc...).
This project can also help identify the most common roadblocks and challenges corporations and cities face as they embark their sustainability journey.

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