Recently we have all been to National Parks and noticed how parts of the park were burned down by several fires. They have made several trees perish and caused animals to adapt to other environments harming the food chain. The glaciers and snow have melted off due to global warming. This made us wonder what we can do to save this beautiful world.

This webpage was made so we can raise awareness of climate change and environmental problems that result in harmful consequences.

How we made the web page was by thinking of several ideas, learning to code, struggling to find out what was wrong, and finishing the project. The project was hard to finish because there was a huge problem that we had to face but we fixed it and moved on. to the video.

We ran into several challenges along the way. Sometimes it was minor issues that were easy to solve and other times they were problems in which we had to look through each and every line of our text. But we overcame them and learned from those mistakes.

After all the challenges we faced, we finally managed to get the code to work! It was amazing! We are proud that never gave up and we kept going.

We learned that things won't be perfect on the first try, and we need to keep trying harder and harder to achieve a goal. At first, html was a whirlwind of confusion and craziness, but after we calmed down and kept on trying, we managed to do great things together!

Soon we would try to use more complex codes and update our program to make it more appealing and try to let people use the webpage. We want to see what are the outcomes and the result of our webpage.

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