The fires at Margalla Hills, the constant flooding and the way climate change is affecting Pakistanis in so many ways, however, little is to be done by the youth. My major inspiration was when I was doing my research on climate change and digital media technologies with a professor, I realised how there is climate change skepticism in Pakistan. After reading more than 50 research articles, I overcame a very obvious problem of how climate change skepticism exists and the disinformation regarding the term.

What it does

As a media student my main aim was to built a framework of how digital technologies like Facebook, Twitter and Games can be used to over come the climate change skepticism in Pakistan. It could be in the form of any small 'notification' information, and any other application.

How we built it

I personally have created the basic framework on how to go about it. If accepted we can work further on the way climate change messaging through different applications can be useful.

Challenges we ran into

My major challenge was to make people believe how there is actually discrimination and fake information. In a country where fake news bill is not being passed, it takes a lot to come forward and fight against climate change and save our future generations and planet earth. The only planet that we have.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of how far I have come up with a unique idea that can save many lives and save ecosystems and humans alike. In addition, it can stop fake news.

What we learned

I learnt how fake news can be so damaging not only in politics but to climate and the environment. How we can make social media to good use for climate change communication.

What's next for Climate Change Communication

Next is collaborating with KPIT board and the ministey of environment to bring a positive change in the environment. In addition, launching the program on a national level where all the people of Pakistan can benefit from the previlege of distinguishing fake climate change news from real.

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