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We all having growing concerns about the Earth's environmental sustainability. After asking for some of Ravi's suggestions, we compiled a few into an app idea that would inform all about environmental changes.

What it does

The app provides a smooth interface to allow users to easily view the effects of climate change and how humans are combating it. The app shows different visualizations of air pollution, water levels, deforestation, and renewable energy use. Air pollution, deforestation, and renewable energy maps show historical data over the years and highlight how far we've come in preserving the environment. It is a combination of 3 projects - a Django server, served on a GCP app engine backend with postresql, a machine learning model - LGBM Regressor with a good deal of feature engineering, and of course, a beautiful flutter app that allows users to visualize factors and results of climate change through prediction and through retrospection, and in addition track their own usage

How we built it

We processed pollution data acquired through API calls to an open database from Kaggle and displayed it on a Google Map of the world. We connected both the water levels map and the deforestation map to the web, we can display high credibility maps representing these environmental concerns. We parsed CC-4 licensed renewable energy usage data from a CSV format and displayed it on a Google Map. Changing the year would pull data from different lines of the CSV.

Challenges we ran into

  • RAM overload while training/preprocessing AI model
  • GCP architecture technicalities
  • Searching for credible and open data sources
  • Searching for and using a map library with high customizability

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Successful usage of K-fold and LGBM machine learning algorithms on a real world data set.
  2. Efficiently and clearly displaying data over the years.

What we learned

  • Integrating different map libraries with Flutter
  • Using gradients in Flutter
  • Displaying charts and statistics in Flutter
  • One teammate just started learning Flutter a few days ago and now can design UI very well

What's next for Climate Change Central

  1. Full integration of Django/AI with app tracking
  2. Map color fills in border of countries, not just rectangles

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