All things are crucially linked together, and in order for people to understand these connections, data has to be displayed in a simple and intuitive way. For this reason, we developed Climate Chain, an application that makes the data relative to climate change accessible to everyone!

How much will the cost of cheese increase due to the increase in temperature? Will we be able to go skiing in 20 years, and if so, how long will the ski season be? Find the answer to these questions by using our app!

WHY Over the last decades, climate conditions have gotten worse and worse, until these days in which we are close to a point of no return. If we do not do something now, we will find ourselves living in a world where all the things we love today may disappear. The problem is that many people do not perceive Climate Change as a threat, mostly because they think that the effects of climate change will not directly affect their lives, but only the lives of future generations. Through this app we want to show that this is not true! We decided to take part in this project because we truly believe that spreading awareness is a powerful tool we have at our disposal to fight this battle, to make people understand that the choices we make today will be crucial in shaping the future!

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