We were inspired to create this web app after the recent climate events in Germany and Mexico. We wanted to educate people on the very real threat of climate change and global warming.

What it does

There are three main sections to the web app:

Map - Firstly, we have used an interactive map showing all the countries in the EU (+UK). Clicking on a country takes the user to a slide with more information on their emission reduction targets and carbon footprint. Additionally, on that page is a graph showing if a country is ahead or behind of their targets, as we mean to name and shame the governments who have fallen behind. Finally, we created a small animation showing how our coastlines will be affected by just a small rise in sea levels.

News - This page collates a number of reputable news sources into a scrolling widget that keeps you updated on all environmental-related topics in one convenient location.

What you can do to help - This section has a few small ways that an individual can reduce their carbon footprint from eating less meat to biking to work.

What it does

We hope our web app educates in a fun and informative way that is engaging for all ages.

How we built it

We built our Web Application using Qoom. Qoom was useful because it allowed us to collaborate and work on the same web app at the same time.

We designed mockups using photoshops and tried to make the web app as similar as possible. The web app was coded with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Primarily CSS for most nice features with Javascript used for the map and the animation on the map page.

Widgets were used, such as the RSS feed and the map tool. This made it easier to make this content in the right amount of time.

Challenges we ran into

Some problems were found, primarily optimising it for different size screens, something that was difficult to overcome.

Utilising CSS and making sure that the product is presentable in an understandable way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all started with little to no experience in coding and developed a solid basis which we hope to improve on in the future.

We created a polished web app within the time constraints.

What we learned

We all started with little to no experience in coding and developed a solid basis which we hope to improve on in the future.

We learned how to work as an effective team by designating roles to each member.

What's next for The IceMakers

We hope to further our confidence with coding in order to advance from web design to data handling and eventually A.I.

We are also excited to compete in more hackathons in the future as a team.

Longer Demo

Unfortunately, we struggled to show off our whole web app within the 2-minute limit so we have attached a slightly longer video for anyone interested.

Video Link

Github Repo

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