We were really inspired because we have seen the effects of climate change in many countries and Nigeria is not limited to it's effect. We have had issues of cancer patients whom got it due to the high ultraviolet Ray's of the Sun and this is as a result of climate change.

ClimAx is a technology based project which operates as a social enterprise business, focused on proffering a sustainable solution to climate change for the country and the World at large. It uses a mobile app to curb environmental challenges, climate change and its negative impacts in the society It was created to reduce domestic carbon footprint through encouraging people to plant trees and use of clean energy alternatives like clean cook stoves instead of firewood. Project description: The primary concept involves the distribution of carbon-sink trees to the public for planting from our various locations, improving daily activities towards a low carbon lifestyle with energy efficient technologies like the clean cook stove, all in a bid to mitigate excess carbon emission within the environment. Carbon sink trees were chosen because they would sink more carbon than other non sink carbon trees.

We built climax with MIT app inventor online, it was easy and fun developing the app as our prototype was drafted out well.

We visited our minister( The minister of environment and climate change Nigeria) but it wasn't easy because we had to prove how serious our solution was and made it our mission to fulfill the Paris agreement signed by our President. We were lucky to have won a 500 tree grant as the Abuja city shapers winners and distributed it to schools.

We are proud that we were given the trees for our project and being able to donate tress to local schools.

We learnt team work played a vital role in leadership which brings in the teams spirit and being able find volunteers to donate trees.

Recycling is one of the next move for climate action as this is our long-term goal.

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