The problem our project solves

  • Encouraging efficient and sustainable use of resources in the industrial system by incorporating the sharing of resources in the workflow.

  • Hard to see the sustainability of companies/businesses

  • Lack of overview of resources by other companies, matching the needs a company/business may have

The solution we bring to the table

  • Proposed Platform with a matching algorithm to bring together needs for resources and networking option with provided resources and services

  • Algorithm for rating companies taking into account sustainability and user rating

  • Tools: own rating system with a comprehensive algorithm of how sustainable a company is

  • An innovative business model

What we accomplished during the weekend

  • Ideas on how to Monetise: subscription model with "Premium" version where we offer extra services, governmental funding and investments.

  • Mathematical algorithm for a rating system, with user rating and sustainability weighting.

  • An actionable plan to gathering data from user ratings and questionnaires: We collected data from 18 companies from 8 countries and 16 different sectors

  • Implement said data to benefit users while encouraging sustainable behavior among companies in the MatchMaking process.

The necessities in order to continue the project

  • Collecting data for improving our rating system and our matching algorithm

  • Getting companies to use it, by advertising on conferences, events, ads in social media

  • Implement already existing Indices like DJSI, FTSE4Good, etc into our rating system

The URL to the prototype

-We provide mathematical proof of our algorithm and not a code in google collab. Link:

The URL to the pitch video

-Link :

Pick one speaker who may pitch our project on Sunday

Name : Sehan Shetty

Built With

  • business-model
  • mathematical-algorithm
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