Considering the fast climate change of the Planet, and especially the contribution to this of air quality, our team designed a model of an informative hub - a website - with latest climate news and live air quality data. People must be informed well and get knowledge about what is climate changing, what are the responsibilities for each one of us, start changing the way we think about environment and what we can do to give a better future to next generations.

What it does

ClimaData is a Web site that will collect various informations in real time on climate change issues in order to emerge and inform citizens and public authorities to motivate appropriate actions and to address its negative consequences.

Project Modules

  • SENSOR DATA. AirQuality, Temperature and Humidity data coming from sensors in different locations.
  • SENSOR MAP. Present Sensors locations with the appropriate data.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE NEWS. Latest Article titles from different reliable Sources (News Agencies) all over the world about Climate Change and Environment.
  • ARCHIVE. Archiving the above data with searching and sorting capabilities available to anyone.
  • COMMUNICATION. Users will have the ability (if they want) to receive alert emails each time a specific air quality value is exceeded.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • For the Climate Challenge Hackathon - hence simplicity - we use just 2 sensors , a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and a MQ 135 air quality sensor. Data are fed to ThingSpeak IOT service via WiFi. JSON data are parsed by database service , sort and presented in a table and on a map.
  • Alert mechanism via email for AirQuality
  • One real Location sensor sending live data and two virtual Locations.
  • News from many sources are retrieved, presented and archived automatically.

What we learned

  • Communication between IoT and databases.

What's next for ClimaData

  • Use LORAWAN extended range wireless technology, so every node (sensor) can be accessible remotely and can be maintained .
  • Use GPS module and Solar Panels on hardware device.
  • Dynamic representation of data on map.
  • Personalised alerts of data via email or sms depending on the area, the type of data, the threshold of each kind of data and the time periodicity.
  • Add more data types, like CO2 , CO, PM2.5 in areas with heavy air pollution.
  • Automatic News Categorisation.

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