The problem your project solves

Working in the sphere of Big-Data humanity over the last years has amassed petabytes of climate data. However, now more than ever this data needs to find a way to reach every and every person in a way everyone can understand it. This is where Clima Civitas comes in. On a larger scale we aim to work with cities entering their smart city stage by building up and tracking relevant climate data. This data will be introduced to the people on a personal, regional and global scale, letting them see how they live and how they affect their local environment as well as see the picture on a global scale. The aim of the project is to use and further build up Big Climate Data and stimulate individual climate action and change in the person’s way of life.

The solution you bring to the table (including technical details, architecture, tools used)

The solution we offer starts with a Web Platform Core. Users can register and then start inputting their data to see what impact they create. The key urban data points we have identified when it comes to climate change are energy consumption, water consumption, CO2 emisons tied to transport means, dietary plan. We also offer a Mobile Application which can be used to track your travelled distance and the way you have traveled - by foot, car, bike, public transport/Google API/.

For personal privacy all data is kept anonymous and abstraction is performed during gamification, giving only a score index.

What you have accomplished during the weekend

During this weekend we managed to build the base of the project. We worked on ironing our concept where we want to take this idea. As a team we decided that we will start by creating a web platform core for the users. After building the web platform core we focused on the main data that we will be using in the gamified environment as well as presenting more in-depth data for the player region and world. We researched existing datasets and collections to find more information as well as were possible APIs to connect to our platform.

The necessities in order to continue the project

To continue developing the project we will need mostly time to complete functional web platform back-end implementation. We will need financing for some functionality implementations as well as we will be using and processing a lot of data from APIs on the server side, so a service like Azure or AWS will be taken into account. After we are done with our regional MVP we would like to introduce it to a major city in Europe such as Vienna and work with the local government. This will be to further build up climate data in the region. Moreover, we want to introduce it to the people living there and integrate it in the smart society of tomorrow as a way to track individual impact and for people to see the whole picture.

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