As a small consulting business doing custom software development for other small businesses, getting clients to sign the dotted line is the biggest bottleneck and hurdle to get through. The current process leaves so much to chance. For many service businesses, the initial handshake is just the beginning of an arduous process of converting meeting notes into written estimates/statement of works, requesting additional information from the client, emailing contracts for signature, making revisions and re-emailing, hoping the client can print, sign, and email back, providing PDF copies, and finally collecting initial down payment. Unfortunately, every day a contract remains unsigned is an opportunity for a client to change his or her mind.

Our solution streamlines the entire process. Businesses can easily collect client details, pre-fill contracts, collect an e-signature, automatically email a PDF copy to both parties, and collect a down payment all by emailing a link to a client or on the fly on a tablet during a meeting facilitating instant onboarding.

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