I wanted to make a robot that can exceed my artistic abilities.

What it does

Clide carefully decides which stroke of the paint brush to make next using a complex decision-making algorithm. (random number generator)

How we built it

For this challenge, I took it upon myself to only use trash and existing junk electronic parts to make Clide.

Challenges we ran into

Clide's motors are just that. I don't own any servos, so it was difficult making precise movements. Further, the motors are cheap laptop cooling board fans, and therefore are hardly powerful enough to rotate Clide.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Clide's beautiful art.

What we learned

Robots are the next big thing when it comes to the arts.

What's next for Clide, the art bot

Art and retirement. Clide has lived a long life of art in the past 24 hours. His motors are beginning to fail and Clide is thinking of settling down and putting his art life behind him.

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