Effects of climate change on the global earth.

What it does

It provides a platform and gifts you with a supportive community to join in the mission to save mother earth.

How we built it

Using React, Redux, Nextjs and Vercel

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating an interactive user interface.
  • Finding right words to communicate among team.
  • Managing time and multitasking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting out of comfort zone and attending first hackathon.
  • Learning new tech stacks.
  • Team work and collaboration.

What we learned

  • Collaboration skills.
  • Code more in less time.
  • Presentation skills.

What's next for CliComm

  • Share - Will provide a feature to share life experiences which made people become the change.​

  • NFT Platform - Will provide an NFT platform where users can mint NFTs about Climate change to spread awareness.​

  • Interaction - Will provide a feature to upvote and comment on an event.​

  • Live Data – Updates about global emission rates​

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