To maximise productivity, it's often useful to have the ability to control all your computing devices, such as travel laptops, gaming laptops, and desktops, with one mouse and keyboard. Our hack provides this solution via a Windows Desktop Application that can connect several computers together and can let you control them all from just one terminal.

We connect together several computers by connecting them to an external AWS EC2 instance. By moving the mouse around, off the screen (as with additional monitors), you can control the other computers with just one mouse. Our app can also handle keyboard inputs across different machines and provides copy and paste functionality.

To build this hack, we used the Python Windows API to capture mouse/keyboard events from the central master computer, and then sent these events to the other networked computers (when relevant) via an Amazon EC2 instance. We used websockets to ensure low-latency communication.

The windows API is challenging to deal with, so we spent some time trying to understand how to capture mouse events and disabling the mouse on inactive computers. Dealing with copy and paste was also difficult -- there were some issues with getting the different clipboards to synchronise.

We're delighted to say that it works! We're able to use a central computer to communicate to others.

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