ClicKoala Connects Sustainability Science, Ethical Companies and Coherent Consumers.

Just before all this pandemia happened, we were looking for a way to live in a more sustainable way in our daily life. Now it is more important than ever try to get there. However, we realized it is very complicated and we know that many other people face the same problem.

So we wanted to find out more and find a solution:

  • We asked people (via surveys in Spain) what kind of information they wanted to know about what they were buying (for example if it guarantees that it protects the environment or dignified work). More than 70% of Spanish people seek to be able to make consumer decisions for ethical or sustainable reasons, but they lack clear information and cannot find truly sustainable alternatives.

So we created a search engine only for products and services that meet these eco-social requirements.

  • To ensure that these products meet this requirement, we asked sustainability experts from 25 universities to help us. They evaluated many eco-social labels and told us which were the best. Therefore at ClicKoala you can only find products that have the greatest impact on the environment and social justice.
  • The user is able to easily find in reliable sustainable alternatives in an informed way and learn about the meaning, requirements and consequences of the certificates that the products possess.
  • We help and empower sustainable companies. They have a private area where they can manage their products and have access to guides and studies to help them get to know better the people who want to buy in a more sustainable way or to understand the potential of the Internet to make themselves known. Something that we believe will be very important in the coming months.

ClicKoala has become a social enterprise that aims to help move towards a more sustainable, digital, close-up economy for all pockets.

We are making sure, on the one hand, that citizens consume in a more responsible way. And on the other hand, the companies present in ClicKoala, are generating a positive impact on the environment and people, complying with the social and / or environmental sustainability requirements verified through their certifications.

Our main challenge is probably our objective in this hackaton. We mainly want to improve our search engine to make it your daily search engine, optimize its usability and people's experience, adapting the project to different cultures needs.

Once the hackathon is over, Clickoala’s future goals are:

  • Translate ClicKoala into other languages starting with English, French and German.
  • Start operating in new countries.
  • Create a platform that helps any sustainable offline company to digitize and adapt to the current situation. Aiming to get in 24-48 hours an online shop operational and get their products visible on
  • Index all kind of reliable content, not only products and services, but also reliable information on sustainability issues.

ClicKoala. The Sustainable Search Engine that Connects Science, Companies and People.

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