We were inspired by the many events and movements currently occurring in today's society, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Due to every member in our team having encountered racism, we could all deeply empathise with victims of various crimes. However, we realised that some people cannot/do not empathise with victims. We wanted to help those people see from a different perspective and change their way of thinking, re-educating them and dispelling any misconceptions about various movements. We also wanted people to be incentivized and even excited to learn about activism, hence the games, quiz, and points.

## How we built it

With all of us having a beginner level of coding, we decided that a simple website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript was ideal for our solution. Despite being beginners, we coded the entire solution from scratch, so there was naturally a huge learning curve, especially as this was created in the span of two days. HTML, CSS and JS allowed us to easily create an attractive, usable interface, whilst also being able to keep track of the functionality of different aspects of code using different external CSS and JS files.

## Challenges we ran into

As we were beginners, we naturally faced many challenges. It was difficult to work collaboratively on Qoom at first, but we overcame this with constant communication. For example, we often overwrote each others' code, styling the same element differently, or mistyping function names as they had been named by someone else in the team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of the home page, as that is one of the main features to attract those with unjust behaviours. Additionally, we're very proud of the points system in place, as there were a lot of complications trying to pass variables between different files.

What we learned

We learned many HTML and CSS techniques, such as styling photos between text on the homepage and the

tags, as well as how to pass variables between different files in JavaScript. We learned more applications of JavaScript, especially for the games and point system.

What's next for clickbait-activism

There are many things we could add to clickbait activism. One feature would be to add a pop-up video on the homepage, to directly confront the user. We would add a login feature for users to save their points and map their progress to have a more gamified approach that would further incentivize people to stay educated and up to date. People who share our link would also get points. In the future, we would also start social media accounts that would use the same clickbait strategy. We would have better prizes that would be more appealing to inspire users to keep learning, maybe with the help of sponsors.

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