When something in your home breaks, it really can ruin your day. Finding a repair shop is time consuming. That’s why many people get rid of broken appliances, even if they know that it would be better for the environment (or even their pocket book!) to get things repaired.

With Click&Fix app we want to break this negative cycle of wasting and help people to find instructions, motivate sustainable lifestyle an make both appliance maintenance and recycling easier. It brings to light also the value of recycling materials.

What it does

It is a service platform that brings together manufacturers of home appliances, retailers, repair shops and reliable recycling centers to the consumer. It collects important data about products' life cycle via interactions people make on the platform. It also connects users to a community that exchanges information which includes a means to borrow&lend.

Benefits for the user

By entering the ID of appliances in the Click & Fix app, users get information on the repair options nearby, maintenance tips, manuals and recommendations on how to recycle the appliance. It takes only a few clicks to see the options and decide whether you want to repair or replace your broken gadget. Click & Fix helps users save natural resources and money on new appliances.

How we built it

Manufacturers --> collect information about products Collect repair, retail and recycle service data Data --> Users User data --> Manufacturers, retailers, repair shops, recycle/reuse centers Click&Fix aggregates user data --> user community for engagement

Challenges we ran into

Finding the things to focus on. To be simple and clear.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished!

What we learned

We learned how to create a start up from scratch

What's next for Click&Fix

Finding partners and manufacturers, launching a beta version (local pilot). Testing with real users, getting feedback. Figuring out which features are most vital for users, and developing new.

Customer Segments: Homeowners, hackers, conscientious consumers
Value Propositions: Holistic product life management
Channels : Online service channel
Customer Relationships Builds relationships between consumer and the companies that make/sell them
Revenue Streams Companies who repair/sell appliances
Key Activities Acts as a database where consumers can actively manage the life of their products
Key Resources Customer data, existing product/disposal information
Key Partnerships Manufacturers, retailers, repair shops, recycling/reuse centers
Cost Structure Subscription model + service fees/product/service sold
Applications, Analysis & Next Steps Piloting a program with local key partners and a test group in Helsinki

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