Last night while working on our project we hit a road block and decided to step outside to refresh our gears. We headed over to Bowery Electric to grab a drink and map out our next steps. To our amazement we see Drake walk in, by himself and sit right next to us. He says "what up" and buys us a round.

One thing led to another and Drake tells us he wants to crash our christmas party. He's tired of the fame and wants to do regular things. This was an awesome idea and led us to pivot on our hacking mission.

Greeting cards have become a shadow of their former selves. The uniqueness, creativity and humor found in them have all but disappeared in the last 20 years. We saw this as a market ripe for disruption and set out to reimagine the greeting card creation experience.

Now you can invite your own favourite celebrities to your christmas gatherings, birthday sets and thanksgiving dinners. The possibilities are endless.

APIs used: shutterstock, aviary, walgreens.

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